Network Case Study:

SmartAdv Tracking Software Challenges, Decisions and Migration Processes to Everflow

In March of 2019, the affiliate network SmartAdv, experienced an avalanche of tracking, domain and systems problems that seriously impacted their business with advertisers and publishers. They had been a CAKE subscriber for years, but given mounting issues they began shopping for a more robust network tracking platform in the latter half of 2018. This Case Study examines the problems SmartAdv experienced, their features, and criteria for a new platform, the process, and the considerations surrounding their migration to Everflow. While network migrations are notorious for being fraught with challenges, service disconnects, and unforeseen consequences, this study captures relevant experiences, and lessons learned during this process. Their process resulted in a smooth transition, uninterrupted business and a positive, unanticipated growth in the relationships with their clients...

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