The largest publishers in the world do business with us for a reason.

We deliver results and service them like no other network in the world. Our high budgets, large payouts, and diversified offer portfolio make the SmartADV network the one-stop-shop to get the job done.

What we do different

  • We work with our advertisers to ensure that their campaigns are optimized and tested to deliver results.
  • Our affiliate managers are trained at the highest level to provide guidance to match the best performing campaigns to the delivery and target methods that work.
  • Flexible payment terms to help drive your cash-flow, which in-turn helps you manage your business better.
  • We compete every day to provide ancillary value and deliver a value proposition that is highly uncommon in the digital world.
  • We have relationships all over the world that provides our publishers access to markets that will make the world a smaller place and optimize money making capabilities around the clock – 24/7/365!
  • Compliance infrastructure to help identify best sources for you to get the highest ROI for your business.
  • Rewards programs for publishers with the best traffic.

Check out our API

If you want to automate your apps, then check out our API. We recent changed platforms, from Cake to EverFlow, but fear not! We have translated some of the most important features from the Cake API, so that you can use the same API methods on EverFlow that use to work on Cake.

Most of the information regarding the translated API can be found here, but feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have questions, or need more features.

Go to the API Docs

We Service Tons of Verticals

And Lots of Countries!

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