Publisher API

EverFlow API (Our new system)

If you have not already integrated to our API, this is where you should start. You will get access to your offers, tracking urls, specific offer details, and detailed reporting.


What do I need?

You will need an API Key, your Affiliate ID, and some programming knowledge, unless you have an application that is already designed to work with the API.

Where do I get my API Key?

Contact your account manager and they will create it for you.

Cake API Emulator (Translated from EverFlow)

We have managed to translate parts of the EverFlow API to ‘look’ like the Cake API. This is still a work in progress but has already been tested with a few mailing applications with great success!

Affiliate Settings

  • API URL:
  • API Type: Cake API (v2)
  • API Key: Your EverFlow API Key (you need to make sure your account manager gives you access to the API Translator also!)
  • Affiliate ID: Your EverFlow Affiliate ID
  • Important: The Country Codes are NOT accurate. Please check with your account manager for correct countries!
  • Media Types are accurate now! These are called "Channels" in Everflow, but they are the same thing.

Translated API Calls

  • PerformanceSummary (Only MTD Revenue)
  • GetVerticals
  • GetCampaign
  • GetCreativeCode
  • DownloadCreative
  • GetSuppressionList


Registrese hoy mismo y reciba acceso a mercadeo escalable y con un objetivo claro, que incrementara sus ganancias y que le ayudara a construir mejores relaciones con sus clientes.