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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing My SmartAdv Account

How do I Log into my Account the First Time?

You should have received a link to setup your password in your acceptance email. Please check your spam if you haven't received it. The email will take you to our platform at and prompt you to create a password. Once done, you are all set.

How do I reset my password?

Can't find your problem. Simply click here to reset your password, enter your email and select "I am an Affiliate" and a password reset will be emailed to you.

How do I add a user to my account?

That's easy to do. Simply contact your Account Manager (see next section) and they will add the username and email address you specify. They are here to help.

Finding Top Offers

Tips to help you find that perfect offer!

How do I find the Top Offers?

Click on Offers on the left-hand side. Top Offers will be displayed below. You can filter that list further by GEO, Traffic Type as well as Offer Name or Keyword.

How can I search by GEO? Or Traffic Type? Or Offer Name?

Our platform lets you search by any of those choices, or any combination as well. Please watch the attached video on best ways to search our offers

How do I see your "Private" offers?

Contact your Account Manager. "Private" offers are not shown out to our network.

I was denied for an offer I really want. What can I do to get approved?

Contact your Account Manager. They may just need some simple information from you to approve.

Filtering for Offers

Running Offers

You have found the Perfect Offer! Now to get started.

How do I apply for offers?

After find the offer(s) you want to run please click "Apply" in the rightmost column next to each offer. Your Account Manager will be notified and will approve or reject the request. For fastest responses, please skype your Account Manager when submitting approval requests.

How do I get Tracking Links & Offer Creatives?

You can easily get your tracking links and download creatives for all offers that you have been approved for.

For Email Creatives, please see the section below "Emailer Support"

Wait, Why Don't my Tracking Links Work?!

There are a few possible reasons that a tracking link may appear to not be working:

  1. You are Using the Wrong Link. Make sure you are using a tracking link, and not a preview link (see the "Generating Tracking Links" video above)
  2. Your Tracking Domain has not Been Set Yet. If your domain is, well, it means you need to contact your account manager about setting up a domain
  3. The Offer is Geo-Restricted. Many of our offers are Geo-restricted and the links will only work if clicked from an IP address in a targeted country. In these cases, to test the links you will need to use a proxy/vpn set to one of the allowed countries. (Example: The tracking link for an offer targeting DE,AT,CH may not open if clicked from a US IP address! Using a VPN for DE, AT, or CH should fix it)
  4. You Have Reached Your Cap. If a cap was put in place, you may have already reached it, in which case you would need to wait for more budget.
  5. The Offer is Paused. The offer may be paused for the whole network, in which case all tracking links would be deactivated for that offer.

There are a few possible reasons that a tracking link may appear to not be working:

What are SourceIDs & SubIDs, and do I need to use them?

You can use Source IDs in your tracking URLs to help you identify different sources of traffic (e.g. to distinguish between Facebook and Google Ads).

Use SubIDs to distinguish between different placements within the same source (e.g. to distinguish between different Facebook ads, Google Ads or keywords, email lists, etc.)

Using these different SourceIDs and SubIDs will help identify which of your traffic sources are performing the best via our Reporting screens.

How do I set a postback?

Coming soon... but this is helpful: How to place a conversion postback url

Emailer Support: Get Mailing Today!

Best Practices for a Profitable and Compliant Email Campaign!

How do I get the email creatives?

You are able to view, show HTML Code and download any email creative found in the offer screen by going to the Creative Box located on the right side of the offer screen. If the Creative Box is empty, you may use your own email creatives.

If you cannot create your own email creatives or need suggestions, please reach out to your Account Manager requesting an email creative. You may contact as well so our Creative Design Team can create one for you.

How Do I get the unsubscribe link?

Unsubscribe Links are located at the bottom of each offer screen underneath Offer URLs or the offer description.

If an offer does not contain an unsubscribe link then you may use your own.

Any questions regarding suppression files, please contact your Account Manager or

How do I download the suppression list?

Suppression Lists are found at the bottom of each offer screen underneath Offer URLs or the offer description.

If an offer does not contain a suppression list then you may use your own OR use our Global Complainers Suppression List which can be found at the bottom of the dashboard. Any questions regarding suppression files, please contact your Account Manager or

Where do I find From/Subjects?

From and Subject Lines are found at the bottom of each offer screen. You will see two boxes with From and Subject line as the title.

If you do not see from and subject lines or you see a message similar to "Send to AM for Approval", this means custom From/Subject Lines are allowed to be used but will require Approval from someone at SmartADV in order to maintain a level of compliance.

What if I want to use my own Froms/subjects?

You may submit custom from and subject lines to your assigned Account Manager. You may also send any custom creative requests to where our Support Team will review and respond accordingly.

What's my API Key and Affiliate ID?

You must request an API Key from your Account Manager or you can email, please make sure to include your Affiliate ID. Your account manager will then generate an API Key for your account which can be found under Company » My Account » General.

What's the API URL?

The API URL is - You may find more information about API Calls by reading this documentation:

For any questions related to API Integration you can reach out to your Account Manager or you can email for assistance.

If you have previously integrated into a CAKE Tracking Platform, you can integrate with us. Ask us about our CAKE API Emulator or visit here for more information.

Contacting My Account Manager

The fastest way to get up and running is to get in contact with your Account Manager. Skype chats are the most effective way of communication but email is perfectly fine as well.

How do I find My Account Mangers contact information?

Your Account Manager's name and contact information is displayed in the upper right hand corner of our platform. You can send them emails or if you use skype, please add them on skype for fastest responses.

Why Do I need to Contact my Account Manager?

Although your account is active, SmartADV may require some additional information for you to help get you approved for some of our sensitive and "Private" offers. Don't worry, we won't be asking for DNA samples or pulling credit reports.

Can my Account Manager help me get paid?

Your Account Manager will ask to provide your payment information (see How Do I Get Paid below) and will also need to obtain a W9 or W8 which is a form required by the US Government for us to pay you. We have online versions of the form so filling them out is easy.

Can my Account Manger help me select offers and optimize my traffic?

Our Account Managers are constantly monitoring what offers are working and what Geos and traffic types they are performing best with. While you are free to browse through our offers an expert opinion is just a few keystrokes away should you want some assistance.

Your Account Manager can help you get our "Private" Offers?

While most of our offers are available in our network for you to see and apply to run, we often have "Private" offers that are not show for a variety of reasons. The more our Account Managers know about your business, the better then could show you these offers that you would otherwise never see.

Getting Paid

What options do have to collect all the money I am going to make?

What payment methods do you use?

We can pay you by ACH (US Banks only), Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Wire. If you have a US Bank, then ACH is your best option as its no cost to you and the others all have fees associated with them.

How do I set my payment method?

You can enter your Paypal or Payoneer email address for payment. For ACH and Bank Wires please enter the appropriate Bank Information, including name and address of Bank, their ABA, SWIFT or IBAN as well as the account number and registration. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager.

What are the Payment Terms?

We offer weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payment terms. There is a $250 minimum. Please discuss with your Account Manager.

What are W8s/W9s and why do I need a W8 if I am outside the US?

We are in the United States and W8s & W9s are forms our Government requires us to have on file to pay anyone. W9s are for US individuals and corporations, W8s are for those outside the US. Its a standard form that we can email you and fill out online and only takes a few minutes to fill out.

Still Have Questions?

Drop us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

Can't reach your account manager, or have other questions?


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